Asiskiy Maskiki

Featured in: Tu Gh’eg Tl’e’th // Streams

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Asiskiy Maskiki is about the medicines from the Earth that heal and connect us to our ancestral lands. In this time of unprecedented shifting we find ourselves connecting via technology. We continue our work through screens and voice but ultimately the shift from a 3D paradigm into a 5D reality places us back into our heart centre. It is through the resilience of our blood memory that we move through this new way of connecting. Asiskiy Maskiki juxtaposes the organic vibration of flowers, roots and berries with contemporary materials through heirloom beaded floral design reimagined in acrylic statement accessory design. This is a story dedicated to our Grandfathers and Grandmothers. Earth medicine provokes memories of berry picking, laying in wild flowers, and preparing what we need to sustain us through the winter.