Anne Mulaire

Featured in: Tu Gh’el T’ilhn // Water carriers

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Anne Mulaire’s clothing lines honour Canada’s French, Indigenous, and Métis character. With hints of Prairie culture, notes of the North, and shades of the Pacific Northwest, Anne Mulaire is an expression of heritage, beauty, comfort, and pride. The Fall Collection 2020 focuses on the comfort and style of the classic silhouettes, every piece is designed with functionality and practicality in mind. Our colour inspiration comes from Indigenous Métis heritage. These iconic colours continue to have great symbolic meaning for Métis people today. Blue – The Métis Flag – First flown in 1816 at the Battle of Seven Oaks. Red – The blood of the Métis shed through the years while fighting for our rights. It also represents one half of the colour of our people. White – It is the colour of light and of the infinity symbol displayed on the Métis flag symbolizing the joining of two cultures and faith that our culture will live on forever. Black – Representing the repression and dispossession the Métis people endured in the period following 1870.