2022 Festival

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Runway Shows

Eternal Imaginaries

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Eternal Imaginaries represents a fantastical and sometimes playfully absurd horizon… Read More.

Sovereign Matriarchs

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Sovereign Matriarchs honours women as knowledge carriers, teachers and role models… Read More.

Time Weavers

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Time Weavers is a continuum of presence that carries history from one… Read More.

A Letter from Home

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The burst of a blueberry between your teeth, the sound of fish hooks… Read More.


Digital Natives: Opportunities and Risks in New Technology for Indigenous Fashion Creatives to Know

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From TikTok to online retail, new technologies transform the fashion industry to… Read More.

Fashion Performance: In conversation with Kent Monkman moderated by Jason Ryle

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This panel explores fashion performance and performativity in conversation with… Read More.

Sartorial Sovereignty: Indigenous Governance Models for Fashion

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Indigenous nations worldwide have sustained complex governance systems to manage… Read More.

All My Relations: Maintaining Reciprocal Relationships for Successful Partnerships

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Relationships are essential for any initiative; Strong connections secure trust, confidence… Read More.

Anti-Fashion: Resisting the Fashion Establishment

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Anti fashion is coined broadly as fashion that is contrary to its present trends… Read More.

Women in the Fur Trade: Tradition, History and Truths from Indigenous Women

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Historically, Indigenous women were integral to the success of the fur trade. Their roles… Read More.

Orange Shirt Day: Fashion as a Tool for Sovereignty and Healing

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Today, wearing an orange shirt is a prominent symbol that commemorates survivors… Read More.

Video Collections

Amy Malbeuf – kahkiyaw kikway (All of Everything)

Evan Ducharme – Dominion

Robyn Mcleod – Dene Futurisms

Curtis Oland – Of the Undergrowth

Michel Dumont – Anang Bangishin, A Star She Falls

Qaulluq – Sisaulik

Niio Perkins Designs – Roles and Responsibilities

Tracy Toulouse – Mshikikiiwi (Be the Medicine)

Celeste Pedri-Spade – NDN Rose

Lesley Hampton – Third Culture Matriarch

EMME Studio – Misshapen Chaos of Well Seeming Forms

Anne Mulaire – REVIVE

Arctic Luxe – Permafrost Collection


D’Arcy Moses – Imbéh

Ix Balam – JUN B’ATZ’

Janelle Wawia – Kitchitwaa Aki

Kadusné – Shadow Edge

Livia Manywounds – Tɬ’ūw (Medicine)

Maru Creations – MAU

MAWO – Wichilhenay

mobilize waskawewin – ᓃᑭᕁ – nîkihk (my home)

SECTION 35 – Pihtikwe

Margaret Jacobs – Past to Present



Making Regalia

Regalia Making

Moccasins Construction

Moccasins Construction 2

Moccasins Construction 3

Moccasins Construction 4

Beadwork Prep


Establishing A Networked Relationship Structure

Findings From IFA Townhall 2022

Protect and Promote Your Culture

A Practical Guide to Intellectual Property for Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities

Promoting and Protecting the Arts and Cultural Expressions of Indigenous Peoples

A Compendium of Experiences and Actions

Promotion et protection de l’art et des expressions culturelles autochtones

Un recueil d'expériences et d'actions


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A curated selection of Indigenous-made fashion, craft and design will be available across Simons’ online store for the duration of the Indigenous Fashion Arts Festival.