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Fashioning Resurgence Panel Series

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Sartorial Sovereignty: Indigenous Governance Models for Fashion

Brigantine Room


Indigenous nations worldwide have sustained complex governance systems to manage their citizens and territories since time immemorial.

Today, many Indigenous systems are gaining greater prominence and expanding notions of colonial process and communications in many industries.

For example, Indigenous fashion systems often contrast the mainstream industry with mutually productive practices working between people, the land, and the future.

This panel will explore community-focused decision-making and leadership ideas, like land-based practices and traditional values. Impact running a fashion business including trade, intellectual property, business structure and manufacturing, and how Indigenous governance models in fashion are essential to local economies and communities.


Mandee McDonald

Mandee McDonald (Maskîkow) is a hide tanner, workshop facilitator, and a PhD candidate in the Faculty of Native Studies at…
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Justine Woods

Justine Woods (she/her) is a garment artist, designer, creative scholar and educator based in Tkaronto (Toronto, Ontario). She is a…
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