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Fashioning Resurgence Symposium

The Eagle and The Condor

Sheldon & Tracy Levy Student Learning Centre, 6th Floor


There is a long history of trade and connection between the Indigenous people of the Americas. Revitalizing and sustaining these ancestral trade routes and relationships are vital for Indigenous communities today. Knowledge keepers of the Eagle and Condor prophecy, as told by many nations spanning from the North to the South, presents an opportunity for reflection and action. The prophecy speaks about a unification following the colonial split between the Eagle, representing the north, and the Condor, representing the south. It states that when the Eagle and Condor come back together there is healing and a reconnection to culture and tradition that will strengthen relationships and activity between Indigenous communities across the Americas. It is believed that we are in the time of reunification. This panel explores how Indigenous communities are encompassing these teachings and how fashion can be a catalyst to reopen those traditional trade routes and rebuild relationships.


Marcos Arcentales

Marcos Arcentales is a trailblazer of Andean music in Canada beginning in the 80’s. He formed Indigenous fusion band Kanatan…
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Kinoo Arcentales Cajas

Kinoo Arcentales Cajas takes inspiration from his Kichwa roots and the legacy of his grandmothers. He is also influenced by…
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