Artists and Designers

Photo by: Nadya Kwandibens / Artist: Celeste Pedri-Spade

Anishnaabe / Canada

White Otter Design Co



Jaymie Campbell is Anishnaabe from Curve Lake First Nation in Ontario and currently resides in British Columbia.

Jaymie is the designer behind White Otter Design Co, which incorporates traditional artistry techniques with contemporary and personal style. She owes great gratitude to the elders who have taught and continue to teach the old ways. Jaymie wants to inspire people to be both athletic and artsy, scientific and spiritual, warriors and artists.

White Otter strives to use authentic materials, sourcing from communities and knowledge keepers. It is important also to learn traditional skills in order to use them in her work and pass them down to future generations. Jaymie is inspired by her Anishnaabe roots, the land and her family.

Jaymie is a wife, daughter, auntie and sister. When she isn’t creating, she can usually be found hiking or canoeing with her pups, and loves to travel, write, photograph and go out on the land.