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Delia and Estelle are both of my grandmothers who had incredible skills in art, and their creativity was imprinted on me from a very young age. Delia passed in the spirit world at the age of 92. I took her passing incredibly hard and I needed to heal, but I didn’t know how to cope. That was when I decided to take the leap and continue her legacy by immersing myself in beadwork and sewing to re-connect with my culture and wanted to design my first jingle dress and dance at the Wiky Pow-wow during August long-weekend!

My most important statement is that beading has opened many doors for me including reconnecting with my culture and developing relationships with indigenous friends at the age of 7 when I first moved to Ottawa, I did not have any indigenous friends and didn’t have any growing up, therefore, taking this step has made me feel blessed and proud to have met incredible indigenous folks that I call my friends and family.

In 2015, I had the idea of developing a unique beading kit to provide others with the opportunity to experience indigenous modernized beadwork.

Featured in

* Mme Sophie Grégoire Trudeau – Custom earrings for the 150th Canada Day event in Ottawa, Ontario – Main stage – 2017
* Ashley Callingbull – Mrs. Universe – Indspired Awards (live television) – Ottawa, Ontario – 2018
* Cityline – 2020 (Indigenous jewelry pieces mix tradition with modernity)
* Sarain Fox -Wore my pieces as part of the Sephora “We belong to something beautiful campaign”