Artists and Designers

Tahltan Nation & Northern Tutchone / Canada

Brenda Asp



Brenda Lee Asp captures her First Nation family ways with foundational cultural teachings of traditional leather garment creation; various concepts of print design and First Nations ways of beading. These teachings help bring life to her uniquely designed jewelry and prints experimenting with mixed media, allowing ways of displaying this art on garments and accessories with a contemporary flare. A member of the Crow Clan, her Indigenous background consists of Tahltan from Northern British Columbia & Northern Tutchone First Nation from the Yukon.
Her family works together harvesting materials for the creations Brenda Lee Asp’s hand-crafted jewelry consists of materials such as porcupine quills that she custom dyes, moose skin, feathers, Yukon birch bark. Also, semi-precious gemstones such as amethyst, moonstone, abalone, turquoise, coral, malachite, tigers eye and tourmaline are used, keeping with her theme of elements – Fire, Earth, Air, Water.
Brenda Lee Asp’s designed accessories include Silk Ties, Chiffon Scarfs and Silk Pocket Scarfs. The prints featured on these pieces are custom designed by Brenda. Each piece has a story behind it; the story will accompany each purchase.
Brenda toured North America showing at various art festivals & fashion shows such as Couture Fashion Week-Manhattan New York, National Aboriginal Fashion Week-Saskatoon; Western Canada Fashion Week-Edmonton, Sea Alaska Heritage Tinaa Art Auction-Juneau, Alaska; Adaka Cultural Festival-Whitehorse.