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Janelle Wawia


Craft / Fashion

Janelle Wawia, a self-taught artist from Red Rock Indian Band, takes her multidisciplinary work to another level. She embodies both boldness and gentleness, being a trapper on family traplines, and an award-winning painter and furrier. Janelle’s work encompasses runway fashion, beading and jewellery design, tanning hides and hide camps, acrylic paintings, and flash tattoos, all with a focus on women and their connection to the land. Furthermore, Janelle holds a passion for working with young individuals and advocating for mental health. She also has a deep connection to the land and finds comfort in spending quality time with her family on the trapline.

Latest Collection

Rez to the City

A Collection by:

Janelle Wawia

Rez to the City represents a vibrant fusion of urban streetwear, ancestral Ojibwe influences, and futuristic runway fashion, crafting a captivating collection tailored for today’s modern women. Bold and vibrant colours dance harmoniously with the timeless allure of black, an iconic staple within rez wear. Elevating this foundation, my designs breathe life into tradition by weaving in trapline-sourced furs to intricately tanned fish skin and harvested beaver teeth earrings. Each piece is adorned with a heartfelt tribute to my upbringing. These garments serve as a proud celebration of individuality, a vivid canvas illuminated with colour and adorned with accessories that honour my roots and deep connection to the land.