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Rhonda Johnson hails from the Treaty 8 territory. She has been a trailblazing figure in First Nations fashion, blending traditional elements with contemporary style. Learning from a young age landbased teaching was where her passion for arts and textiles took root. Rhonda moved to Edmonton where she pursued her education and graduated from Fashion Design and Apparel Production in 2006. She has been a beacon of Indigenous representation telling stories of resilience, identity, heritage and healing in her designs. With a commitment to sustainability, Rhonda pioneers the use of upcycled materials, weaving environmental consciousness into the fabric of her brand. From runway showcases to community events, Rhonda strives to empower Indigenous voices through fashion, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape. Rhonda has garnered recognition not only for her artistic prowess but also for her advocacy in promoting diversity and cultural awareness within the fashion industry.

Latest Collection

Blood Memory

A Collection by:

Acahkos Designs

Blood Memory is a concept rooted in Indigenous belief that experiences, memories and knowledge is passed down through generations in a family. A cultural and spiritual connection between ancestry and present day individuals.

By incorporating both traditional teachings and also being guided by Blood Memory, Acahkos Designs shares stories from her family’s history in modern day fashion. Keeping the fashion line one hundred percent sustainable by repurposing elders garments and quilting remnants with respect to the cultural and personal significance, also utilizing reclaimed fabrics and notions acquired from thrift stores. Also infusing traditional elements such as natural fabrics, hides, feathers and beadwork , telling a story by using quilting styles and applique techniques. Acahkos Designs transforms and brings to life pieces that have been passed down by using sustainable practices to create hand made, well sewn, modern designs that reflect a deeper connection to her roots and honoring significant loved ones in her life.