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Meet Chelsee Pettit, the force behind Aaniin Retail Inc. Inspired by a moment in downtown Toronto, she launched Aaniin, celebrating Indigenous cultures with a twist—Indigenous syllabics on apparel. Realizing the need for deeper connections, Chelsee innovated with QR codes, sparking conversations beyond language barriers. Committed to empowering smaller Indigenous businesses, she offers visibility and support. Chelsee’s vision extends to reshaping the Indigenous economy through fashion. With events like business development days, she paves the way for sustainable growth. Now, Aaniin is evolving into a department store space, uniting diverse Indigenous-owned products. Chelsee’s journey isn’t just retail; it’s a cultural movement fostering dialogue and pride.

aaniin retail inc.
Canada’s first 100% Indigenous-owned department store, aaniin Retail Inc., was founded in June 2021. aaniin is 100% Indigenous owned and initially began as a streetwear brand. The aaniin house brand of apparel serves as a catalyst to initiate conversations about Indigenous languages while creating visibility 365 days a year. aaniin Retail Inc. is dedicated to reclaiming the Indigenous economy while involving communities and creating opportunities for Indigenous entrepreneurs. Our mission is to empower Indigenous artists, businesses, and brands, making syllabics a daily presence in colonized spaces. Every conversation starts with “”aaniin.