Tɬ’ūw (Medicine)

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“Tɬ’ūw” means medicine in the Tsuu T’ina language and is inspired by the past, present, and the resilience of Livia Manywound’s people. Livia reflects on the history of her people and how they adapt to survive. Indigenous people have used traditional medicines to heal from sickness for hundreds of years, medicines derived from plants and animals. Traditional healers and Spiritual leaders carefully prepare themselves for the work, following protocols for harvesting, preparing, and administering the medicines. Today’s lockdown has presented a time to preserve that traditional way of life. Livia’s collection symbolizes healing by reconnecting to culture, which is medicine for the spirit. Featuring Tsuu T’ina geometric and floral symbols of different medicines created through applique designs, Tɬ’ūw tells a story about sickness, medicine, and healing.