Of the Undergrowth

Featured in: Eternal Imaginaries

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(Formerly known as ‘Drumming in the Hall of the Mountain’).

“Of the Undergrowth” is a phantasmagorical trip along the forest floor, with visitations from the various spirits that live amongst the mossy logs and lively ponds. Akin to the flora and fungi they live alongside, they are a secretive bunch, keeping out of sight from the boisterous and clumsy humans that occasionally come stomping through their groves. When they are seen, although very rarely, they are simply assumed to be some sort of hallucination, a spell cast by the forest itself, or remembered only as a dream. The humans will usually laugh to themselves, shake their heads and rub their eyes; rarely do humans believe that spirits such as these could be something more than a figment of their own imagination.

This collection is an exploration into character creation, building narrative through improvisation and curiosity. These costumes designed by Curtis Oland are tied to the artist’s love of the natural world, of the bizarre and fantastical forms and behaviours found there. Rather than working from a preconceived narrative, the characters are formed through play of material and form, through dreaming and mind-manifestation. Curious and playful, “Of the Undergrowth” is an expression of creative freedom, and encourages the audience to create their own narratives for the characters they see.