Misshapen Chaos of Well Seeming Forms

Featured in: Sovereign Matriarchs

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Misshapen Chaos of Well Seeming Forms, By EMME Studio, is an exploration of the visual symbols in the media over the last few years. It is a discussion on the illusion of freedom in America, and the complex divisions in the society as a whole. It is a story of reclamation through our own well-being, shutting out the noise, and meeting our responsibility to life.

It is a reflection of my personal process of healing through my work and coming to terms with my own mental health and working through trauma. Allowing myself to build something out of it rather than let it rot inside of me. The toll on our collective mental health in the past few years has been ubiquitous with the constant deluge of information filtered through the media as we try to understand and process a constant state of chaos and devastation. I find myself able to process my struggles with mental health through my work and my culture. Knowing that the more connected I am to my art and my people, I will be guided to the good in my life and fulfill my responsibility.