Photo by: Nadya Kwandibens / Artist: Celeste Pedri-Spade & Evan Ducharme Studio

Of the Undergrowth (formerly known as Drumming in the Hall of the Mountain)

Featured in: Eternal Imaginaries

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Drumming in the Hall of the Mountain is a costume collaboration with Serbian-born, London-based creative director Stefan Jovanovic. The four-person performance tells a folkloric tale of four Wizards, who come from the four corners of the land, each representative of the four elements and the four seasons. Written by Stefan Jovanovic, with creative input by Curtis Oland, the concept has been a build-up to a recent residency in Nottingham, with performers Katye Coe, Maëva Berthelot, and Shannon Stewart, and Ophelia Young, where they worked with the costumes to create the choreography. The costumes, made by Curtis Oland, utilize natural materials and an array of textures and design details that pertain to the archetype of each wizard. Moraj, of the wind and winter, draws reference to the barn owl, cloud formations, and the silence of winter. Yokos, of the earth and spring, is made of leather and horsehair, a textured creature that is a personification of soil and grass. Kupal, of the fire and summer, dons copper plates, bright silk flames, and a leather cocoon, resembling a creature from the magmas of the planet, and emerges as a firey phoenix-moth. And finally, Faerghun, of water and autumn, emerges from the depths of the oceans, bringing the waves in bundled strands, undulating like a mollusk, with the head of a salmon.