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The DODEM [CLAN] Collection tells a story of Futuristic Clan Mothers – representing 7 clans of the Ojibwe. Our Mothers are indestructible leaders, role models, and protectors of the sacred. A Futuristic Clan Mother draws on her ancestors for guidance, taking deep consideration for the next 7 generations to follow. She remembers who she is through her blood memory and through the teachings of her Dodem. I strive to push the boundaries of what is traditional Indigenous in terms of fashion and ceremonial wears. The DODEM [CLAN] Collection is a reminder of how strong and sacred we are as Indigenous women! I want young Indigenous people to see themselves in this collection, to see how they can proudly express themselves, and to envision how they can push forward in fashion and art, while still being respectful of our sacred culture. I strive to make positive change for the next 7 generations while also making my ancestors proud.