5 Gender Society

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Our Nations honoured all the people in the tribe for who they are. As we come full circle in our reclamation of identity, culture and belonging adornment stands as a visual representation of what this movement looks and feels like. We’re collaborating to create that look and feel alongside some of our favourite designers from across Turtle Island. Inspired by the famous french textile ” Toile de Jouy” meaning ” fabric of joy” we’re weaving together a custom textile and story depicting 5 Gender Society. Moving through head-to-toe haute couture looks, shades of colour, textures and themes of what relationships with self and others looks like we are creating silhouettes that feel good and right for every body. Heather Bouchier, Alanna One Spot, Summer Peters, and Tishna Marlow have joined the Indi City vision to bring this collection together with expert design skills in garment and pattern making, quillwork, beadwork, and seamstress skill.