Kwúlécwtn 2024

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The “”””Kwúlécwtn”””” collection, meaning ‘to adorn oneself ‘ in Secwepemctsín, is a celebration of Indigenous artistry, culture, and tradition. Each look within the collection uniquely emphasizes a different Indigenous material, carrying its Secwepemctsín name, and showcases these materials as symbols of wealth and expressions of beauty.

The collection elevates these materials to a level of rarity, underlining the skill and knowledge required to transform them into fashion. It brings to light their increasing scarcity, mirroring the challenges of preserving age-old techniques in the modern world.

These materials represent Indigenous wealth, making the runway a stage where fashion goes beyond aesthetics, voicing the pride, resilience, and vibrancy of Indigenous culture. “”””Kwúlécwtn”””” is a respectful blend of tradition and modernity, a call to see, understand, and appreciate the value of what the land provides and what skilled hands can create. It serves as a reminder of the timeless appeal of Indigenous materials, demonstrating that their beauty continues to resonate in today’s world.