Artists and Designers

Sabrina Houle-Schlup



Sabrina Schlup is an Anishinaabe woman originally from Ebb and Flow FN. She is the co-founder of Anpo Natural Tannery & Ranch, a family-owned business located on the south side of the Riding Mountain National Park. In addition to raising bison, they produce old-style bison products historically used by the plains tribes of North America, as well as naturally tanned hides and finely crafted bead and quillwork.  

As an Indigenous entrepreneur and artist, Sabrina is constantly looking for new ways to incorporate her culture and traditional teachings into everyday life. 

“What has helped me is observing and learning from our bison, as they are some of our greatest teachers. All that I learn from them, I not only apply to my personal life, but also to my family, business and art. By using historical and natural methods to tan our hides and create authentic works of art, I feel connected to my ancestors and thankful for the skills they passed down.”