Mariana Medellin Canales

Rehearsal Director

She is a Mestizo artist of Mexican descent. Her main studies in the arts are in classical ballet and contemporary performance (México, US, Canada, Germany). Mariana is an interpreter, creator, street artist, and her artistic practice is heavily influenced by a socio-cultural understanding. The major milestones that have shaped her art include being raised in México, migrating north, and developing deep connections and research on Turtle Island and the Middle East (Palestine, Jordan). She’s created art via performance, dance, installation, in the streets and venues of México, Canada, Palestine, Jordan and Germany. At this moment her main concern is to expand the art viewer demographics and to unpack value systems in societies. Mariana has worked with many artists, directors and choreographers while touring across México, Canada, U.S. and Europe, but has developed artistic and life-long relationships with Brian Solomon/Electric Moose (Anishinaabe/Irish) and Jumana Dabis (Palestinian). She has also entered the academia sector in the social sciences to expand her art practice while finding ways to meaningfully challenge and imagine the processes of decolonization.