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Moving forward with the profound sense of connection to the unnamed, unknown, Queer Indigenous ancestors that have always permeated his work, Ducharme brings these figures to the center of PROGENY. This work aims to reignite their rightful place within the Indigenous family unit, which has endured severe erasure as a result of continued violence from the Canadian settler colonial project and Catholic indoctrination working in tandem.
Bringing together both the heightened utilitarianism and restrained glamour that have become Ducharme’s signature, steadfast silhouettes are brought out of the archive and paired with new concepts to create progenic versions of staples within the E.D. clients wardrobe. Further interpretations of the signature Hand Embroidered Mesh technique in bodysuits and tanks are present, alongside the signature Census Print in new textiles and colours, and a selection of Custom Order eveningwear in an array of sizes for every body.
PROGENY is a vigorous observation of transgenerational love from both sides of the spiritual divide; at once from the Ancestors to the present, and again from the present generations of Indigenous queers onto our unborn, future kin.