Photo by: Nadya Kwandibens / Artist: Celeste Pedri-Spade & Evan Ducharme Studio

Third Culture Matriarch

Featured in: Sovereign Matriarchs

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Third Culture Matriarch is an exploration of mother-daughter relationships. Lesley and her mother grew up in the Third Culture, which means they spent a significant part of their lives immersed in foreign cultures, countries and environments. Third Culture Matriarch conceptually explores the similarities and differences in upbringing between the designer and her mother. The collection features excellent attention to detail, including a beaded portrait of Lesley’s Matriarch, her mother, with cut-out fabrics and quilted textiles. Quilting and fabric manipulation is a technique Lesley’s mother has worked with her entire life and has passed down to Lesley. A silk scarf gifted to Lesley by her birth grandmother inspires the colours in Third Culture Matriarch. These family relationships are ever forming and newly forming and this collection reflects those feelings of connection and reconnection.