Photo by: Nadya Kwandibens / Artist: Celeste Pedri-Spade & Evan Ducharme Studio

Roles and Responsibilities

Featured in: Sovereign Matriarchs

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Roles and Responsibilities draws attention to Haudenosaunee issues relating to traditional symbolism, treaties, and Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW). Niio Perkins is committed to the maintenance of traditional roles while also adapting to modern methods and the fluidity of identity as a whole. As Indigenous people, and as humans as a whole, we must continue to perform our many responsibilities as we continue to grow and evolve.

The Roles and Responsibilities collection educates while maintaining financial accessibility for everyone. Niio Perkins Designs are made with a great deal of focus, energy and intention, that balances quality and education about the value and integrity of handmade Indigenous craftmanship. Roles and Responsibilties features printed silk and cotton jerseys, natural materials from the earth, and repurposed fabrics. Niio Perkins Designs are gender-neutral garments such as leather leggings and skirts to embrace the role of gender fluid siblings in our communities.