Photo by: Nadya Kwandibens / Artist: Celeste Pedri-Spade & Evan Ducharme Studio


Featured in: Time Weavers

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JUN B’ATZ’ (One Thread) The first collection made by IX BALAM that focuses exclusively on the use of textiles woven on a traditional back strap loom, hand/foot loom and the use of up-cycled Maya textiles. JUN B’ATZ’ is the thread that initiates time and weaves new stories, tethering ancestral roots to urban living. JUN B’ATZ’ is a representation of the vital life force that connects us to the cosmos and to the land, teaching us to adapt with the seasons. Original weavings are shaped and molded into contemporary pieces for urban life, There are elements present from nations such at Cobán, K’iche’ and K’ekchi’. Textiles from the Maya Highlands are heavier than most, meant for the cold weather on the mountain range. In the Maya Lowlands light weight textiles are indicative of warm weather with dense jungle and oceans. In unifying the weaving styles of many nations, JUN B’ATZ recreates the four seasons of the northern territories of Turtle island.